How About this RV Chariot?

How About this RV Chariot

From a company that bought Kenworth semi chassis and built SUVs on them.

Shown is the Dominator model, which includes the eight rear wheels for handling those trips to Sam’s Club.

FEATURES (inspired by The Bicycle Forest for some of these):

Fits under MOST bridge underpasses.
May fit under overpasses
Rated in GpM (Gallons per mile)
Familiarity with weigh station attendants
Lots of praise from truckers and RVers
Lots of criticism from truckers and RVers
Lots of criticism from environmentalists
Lots of qualified approval by environmentalists who picture travelling with their families in one of these
Lots of tire changing experience when Firestone’s blow out
Lots of weight to help with cornering
Improved math from calculating stopping distances
Capacity for half a small town
Can tow small town behind
Yours for under $200,000 ($100,000 for truck chassis + $100,000 standard SUV markup) (NOTE guys, this is an older quote. I don’t know what a quote in 2017 would be, but you can use this one as a basic information base).
Chariot RV makes “Dominators.” They don’t all look like this one. The company builds RV units onto various tractors. Many of them look like square motorhome atop (on back of) the tractor).

According to the RV builders, the truss system helps balance the weight of the motorcoach and increases stability and strength. The floor, they say, a unique lamination process provides better insulation and increases the vehicle strength and safety. Chariot RV produces, they say, the only laminated floor in a motorcoach.

Dominator Kenworth SUV

 How About this RV Chariot

The more common RV motorcoachs have these standard features:

Kenworth Chassis
Overall Length: 45′
34′ Living Quarters