Good Cheap Fun (Under $20)

For those days when you want to have fun but not spend more than a $20 bill, we’ve made this little list:

A piece of cake and a cood cup of coffe.
A book you wanted long ago, in the used section.
A sale in Steam.
A nice gift for your mother, father, sibiling or grandparents.
A video game
An arcade. (Or go to Galloping Ghost where you can play all day, including leaving for food, for $20)
I usually go with a nice hot shower then bundle up in warm towels and a fluffy robe. And then eat a pizza watching Netflix.
Chinese takeout
Buffalo wings
Ice cream
Junk food and snacks along with cheap soft drinks / alcohol
Goodwill or Wal-Mart or a dollar store and buy as many things that make me smile as possible. A face mask, a rubber chicken, helium balloon, etc.
$12 chair massage at the mall + $3 tip + $5 smoothie
Shampoo + Scalp massage + haircut + temple massage + 30 mins in the sauna
A gallon of gas and a country road
A good mango bubble tea turns my day around
half dozen assorted donuts
bath bomb and a book
Go Karts
Quality weed
Peeing on a Federal Building.
Mc Donald’s.
Taco Bell
Visit to pet store.
Bike ride to and from a nice dinner.
Buy 2 sets of toy armor and weapons from a dollar store, and challenge a man that looks between the age of 20-35 to a sword fight
Cheese/Pinot noir
New York everything bagel with sausage, egg, and cheese, and a large coffee
bike ride along the beach
Stationary… a new book and a few cool pens.
A new paperback
New makeup/products
Chocolate and lollies
a fat blunt, a cold tallboy and 2 slices pizza
Taco Bell and a couple of Mike’s Hard Lemonade
cured meat (pepperoni, salami, etc.), cheese, and crackers
A dime bag, a blunt wrap and an arizona. Throw that 8 dollar surplus in the gas tank and you’re golden.
gram of weed and a large poutine with bacon bits
Chocolate milk
watch a movie with popcorn and soda
Gym membership exercises releases dopamine and can stimulate sexual pleasure not the best thing I’m sure but for many it turns into an addiction
I go fishing at the pier and listen to good music while talking to other fishermen and women.
Bait: $6 Slice of pizza and drink: $5 Ham and cheese croissant: $3 Having a good day?…priceless
55 oz speedway slushie
Baking chocolate chip cookies.
Ice cream
Kindle Unlimited novella binge
a few pets or scratches to a friendly dog
Water park

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