Expandable Container Home – They’re Selling These Things for Only $10,000

Expandable Container Home – They’re Selling These Things for Only $10,000

So modular homes are inexpensive alternatives, in many cases, to traditional construction homes, but I came across this expandable modular container home, and they’re listing them for $10,000 (you still have to pay shipping, of course).

These shipping container homes are clad in quality timber and are suited for country or beach properties, according to the people selling them.

Another thing modular home buyers might factor into their estimations is that the shipping for a container home from overseas costs in the thousands, to get it to our coasts and to ship it from the coast to your location.

So how are they built, some of you might be wondering? The house is a modification of an ISO shipping container (you can buy these a lot of places, there is a huge global supply of shipping containers). THey cut off some of the corrugated sheet and manually weld a smaller container to it as a slide out.

The slide can be moved by several people working together, but without too much effort, according to the prefab manufacturers.

They then decorate the interior and use sound-absorbing wood ceiling panels, and use birch to cover the wall. They also have removable custom-built joinery.

The outside cladding and decking is done with antiseptic-treated timber.

I hesitate to link to the product contact page for this one, because it is from China on Alibaba and I can’t guarantee the quality, and the page I saw it on had only one sale showing. Once I hear more about these guys, I’ll update this page and I’ll update our Facebook page, too. Probably I’d suggest shopping around North American modular homes (they might already have options around this range) and contacting builders nearer home first and seeing if they can build something like this. If anyone ends up buying one of these expandable modular homes from overseas, though, please let us know how it goes so we can update people.