Cowboy wok plow disk

Cowboy wok plow disk

There’s really nothing that can compete with a meal cooked outdoors. I have fond memories of campouts and fishing trips where we sat around the fire and ate our freshly cooked food. Nowadays, there are several dozen different types of outdoor cooking, some of I’ve just recently heard of, like this “Cowboy Wok“, which is basically a standing open grill (also called a plow disk).

There are companies like Southwest Disk that specialize the cowboy wok, and other business that sell them as part of their inventory on Amazon. Wherever you get one, you’ll need to read up on the safety and use section of the guide prior to firing it up and trying it out.

Of course, after getting the cowboy wok, you’ll have to figure out what you want to make first — there’s a FaceBook group full of suggestions, complete with photos and videos of every kind of recipe you can imagine, from chicken pasta to antelope tacos.

If you’d rather rig a DIY version of a cowboy wok, there are plenty of YouTube tutorials to guide you, such as the one by Dave’s Homestead. Whether you buy one or make one (or alter one), you’ll be cooking up a tasty mess of home-cooked vittles in no time.

Cowboy wok plow disk

Home-made Pipe Bench - Easy to make this bench with a few basic materials

When I’m entertaining, especially in the spring and summer, I’m often looking for ways to add extra seating without it being intrusive and noticeable. Having to use chairs means there will be a lot of potential clutter, which is difficult if you want a free-flowing party with mingling, dancing, or games.

That’s where this homemade pipe bench comes in — it’s affordable, easy, and can seat more than one person. It can also be disassembled and put up for the next time you want to have a backyard BBQ, garden party, or evening soiree.

This type of furniture would also look good in a house with an industrial bent, or even in a cafe, coffee shop, or at special events such as weddings. If you have a catering company or own another small business where seating is required, this could potentially be a lot cheaper than trying to purchase a large amount of chairs.

To make one pipe bench, you’ll need a wooden board, the proper tools, and the following pipe materials: elbow fittings, T fittings, 10″ nipples, 12″ nipples, and end caps. You can have the wooden board measured and cut at the store to save you time, if you prefer.

If you’d like to learn more about making your own bench, you can see the tutorial as well as a supplies list on Homemade Modern.

Home-made Pipe Bench - Easy to make this bench with a few basic materials



How to make a flower pot smoker

While grilling is a favorite pastime during the spring and summer months, smoking meat in lieu of grilling is more of a fall and winter activity, which sounds nice until the wind is blowing through your jacket and chilling you down to your bones while you check the progress on the meat.

Fortunately, there’s a workaround that you can set up and get going in almost no time, whether you’re on a budget or a DIY-er who wants a new challenge. If you’re looking for a small, outdoor smoker, you can create one using a hot plate, a grate, and a flowerpot.

Mother Earth News has a simple DIY tutorial with photos that you can make in an afternoon. You’ll need a drill, some washers and bolts, a small piece of wood, and a handle as well as the aforementioned basic materials, as well as pot tray (which will be used as part of the lid).

Once you’ve assembled this relatively easy, inexpensive smoker, you can get to work smoking a variety of fish, fowl, or cuts of beef, pork, or even exotic meats. However you choose to use it, you’ll be fielding questions and compliments from anyone who gets to try the resulting dishes.

If you want to build your own outdoor cooker, you can find the complete tutorial at Mother Earth News.