Amazing Classic Bus Conversion – The Time Machine

Amazing Classic Bus Conversion - The Time Machine

This little number made it to the Quartzsite RV show a while ago and caught the attention of a few people.

So, the origins of this red and white smooth-lined balloon?

It was manufacturers in 1946 in Loudnville, Ohio as a public transportation bus. The model is called a “Flxible” [sic]. During its transportation working days, it brought Americans and others all around the country long distance. One of the notable features of the design was a possible lack of headroom.

When people convert Flxibles, they often lower the floor. That’s so they can get around inside a lot more comfortably.

The decor is that of a late-40’s — early 50’s diner, and it has a jukebox beside an authentic dining room table, black and white tiled floor, and art-deco ornamentation.