1969 CJ5 Jeep Camper: One of the Rarest Campers in Existence

1969 CJ5 Jeep Camper: One of the Rarest Campers in Existence

If you are tired of the hustle and bustle of the city and love the outdoors, and you’re also a collector on the side, the CJ5 Jeep Camper is for you. This camper was built by Ward Manufacturing’s division, Honorbuilt. It is estimated that there were only 336 produced. Its production ceased in the early 1970’s, when American Motor Company bought Keiser Jeep, and thus became one of the most sought after campers for collectors. It was one of the Jeep Campers introduced to the market and a lot of outdoors men got excited with its features.

One of the things that made this camper stood out among other is that it had its own axle and brakes, taking off some of the weight from the jeep; also a large pin can be latched and unlatched to secure the camper from the jeep. The bed is extended to fit snugly over the front seat of the jeep, maximizing every space of the camper and it also has a built in jack, so you can secure the camper and drive away on some exploration, hunting, fishing or simply some errand. This detaching system was a revolution, as this was the first of its kind during that period.

The interior of the camper is self contained and designed with comfort in mind; even with its tiny space many amenities are built in. Its look can be deceiving as it can sleep four people, two in the bunk overhead and the other two in a makeshift bed. Many of the amenities being offered by modern campers today such as water tanks, a stove, oven, toilet, gas, electric and heat were already offered by the CJ5 camper. Its kitchen has built in cabinets, stainless steel sink and running water thus cleaning the area can be made very easy.

The CJ5 Jeep Camper paved the way to the modern RV of today, and despite its short-lived status, it has made its mark and gave campers more options and the flexibility they were looking for. If ever luck finds your way and you get to see a CJ5 camper, bear in mind that its rarity also contributed to the modernization of the camping world.

These custom camper vans bring easy living to the great outdoors

For those who would rather camp off the grid…

Combining city vehicle and country camping, these camper vans are really adaptable. I guess all vans are adaptable, depending on what you put in them. The option many people look at is price, which is based a lot on how new of a camper van they buy, as well as features — do you want to go full-on camper or just some couches that fold into beds and maybe a cookstove?

This particular one is an offroad 4X4 new-style Sprinter van. There’s a whole scene of people who live in and customize Sprinters, which have been found to be one of the better designs for off-grid, travel, or camp-style living.

From the manufacturer: “Our latest 4×4 Outside Van creation compels you to do more, by allowing full access to conversion treats. Whether it be an extended overland adventure or a day trip to your favorite trail head; This stunning Graphic Grey Metallic 4×4 170 Mercedes Benz Sprinter will allow no compromise. Highlighted features include – Webasto heating and water system, Stage 3 Magnum battery power, duel micro galleys w/drop down sink and induction stove top, OSV stainless shower enclosure, OSV 3 panel bed, custom leather rollover bench, Isotherm refrigerator, Solar charger, paint match awning, OSV rear step bumper, retractable running boards (driver and passenger sides) and high-output LED driving lights.”

For options as far as cost and features, Outside Van offers vans with what it calls “core,” “configurable,” and “custom” conversions, none of which come cheap. A core van conversion generally takes 4-7 weeks to build, costing buyers between $48,000 to $53,000, which doesn’t even include the original price of the van. The more deluxe versions with heat and power, which takes months for them to complete, puts the price at around 80-135K total.

These Truck Drawers Make the Most of Your Space

This is awesome. period. Put anything you want on top. Keep everything inside secure.

I saw one of these for the first time a while ago. Since I’ve seen people put raised beds in their pickups in order to get enough width to put ATVs on top, which leaves some space underneath, I notices them, because these could fill the space under a flat bed.

There’s a couple of options here. One is to buy one for your pickup or even other type of vehicle (pictures below). The other is to make one, DIY style (there’s a picture of that, too).

From the manufacturer: “The normal TruckVault product adds a secure storage solution to virtually make and model of vehicle available. With the whole unit concealed beneath its carpeted surface, there’s nothing to catch the attention of wandering eyeballs. Within the unit’s interior, sensitive equipment and firearms are protected within a locked environment that does not promote either condensation or heat damage. Choose between Standard or Magnum heights and configure drawers to meet your needs.”

“TruckVault has a solution for every secure in-vehicle storage need whether it be for a Pick-up, SUV, Sedan, Van or any other vehicle on the road today. In addition to our vast array of stock designs, we also work meticulously with you on your custom needs. Our team of highly skilled Territory Representatives will walk you through every step of the process to ensure you get the product you need to tackle your tasks. We take great pride in our products and the quality they represent. Thanks for taking a look.”


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