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  • Chevrolet El Camino

    Did you know that the reason the El Camino truck even exists is because of the wife of an Australian farmer? In the early 1930’s, Chevrolet received a letter from […]

  • Chevrolet K10 Truck

    Did you know that the Chevrolet C/K truck is a tri-continent traveler? Premiering in 1960 in the U.S. and Canada, the truck quickly made fans in South America and began […]


  • DIY Beaded Bracelet – Free Tutorial

    Last time I hosted a brunch, I was reminded of how simple it all can be. All you need is a pitcher for mimosas, some light snacks, and a place […]

  • Beaded Pets – Free Tutorial

    Remember when you were little, and you went to camp or a friend’s house during the summer, and the pony beads got pulled out? I remember trying to work my […]

  • Beaded Flower – Free Tutorial

    Step Into Summer In Style With This Flower Power Pendant or simple shift dresses that don’t have any interesting details to them that announce your individual style. This doesn’t have […]

  • Nature Pendant using Resin (Tutorial)

    For those of us with indoor jobs, finding time to relax in nature can be somewhat challenging. Between running errands, answering phone calls, drafting e-mails, and grabbing a bite to […]

  • Egg Dyeing – Getting Beautiful Results with Easy Techniques

    I’m always a little sad that we don’t dye eggs, carve pumpkins, and decorate a tree and celebrate all year round. There is value in celebrating the seasons as they […]